Styles & Pricing
A simple guide for the ride.

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Small dog (4-19 lbs)
Medium dog (20-39 lbs)
Large dog (40-69 lbs)
XL dog (70+ lbs)


Small dog (4-19 lbs)
Medium dog (20-39 lbs)
Large dog (40-69 lbs)
XL dog (70+ lbs)


Small dog (4-19 lbs)
Medium dog (20-39 lbs)
Large dog (40-69 lbs)
XL dog (70+ lbs)

All Services include nail trim / file if needed, ear cleaning, ear hair plucked if needed, anal gland check / expression if needed, premium shampoo and conditioner appropriate to individual pet, finishing cologne and accessory.

Tidy - Face, Feet, Sanitary
Groom - Full Haircut

Packaged Bath Deals

3 month bath package - 10% off total price

6 month bath package - 15% off total price

12 month bath package - 20% off total price


Bath & Haircut - $120+

Includes a nail trim and ear cleaning.

Individual Services

Nail trim / file - $25 for first time then $15 dollars for each set after
Comb-out - $25+ (varies by pet size and condition of coat)

Travel outside of regular service area (Yucaipa, Calimesa, Mentone, Redlands, Cherry Valley, San Bernardino, Highland, Riverside, Banning, Beaumont) will incur a minimum fee of $25 in addition to services provided.


Body Clips

All-Over Clip

The whole body from the back of the skull to the base of the tail is clipped to the same length.

Lamb Clip

Legs are longer than the trunk of the body, starting from the shoulder.

Cocker Clip

Straight line blending short back into longer skirt and legs.

Schnauzer Clip

The back is shaved short, with angled points blending into a longer skirt and legs

Airedale Clip

Rounded, slightly longer and softer clip similar to the Schnauzer Clip.

Head Clips

Yorkie Head

Teddy Head

Schnauzer Head

Poodle Head (& feet, has variations)

Westie Head

Bichon Head

Airedale Head

Cocker Head (has variations)

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