My name is Kelly McKinley, and animals are my passion.

Who I Am

I inherited a love of grooming from my mother, a pet groomer for 35 years. I supported her as a bather in between my sessions at school from 2005 to 2009, as well as after graduation until she retired (again) in 2010. Upon her retirement, I found a full-time job bathing in a local grooming shop and honed my skills there, apprenticed to the head groomer. Some of my mother’s clients stayed with me, since they and their pets were familiar with me. They asked me to come do their pets at their homes, and my house call journey began. Now, nearly ten years later, I have made the leap into my own business, and I much prefer the close relationships I develop with both the pets and their humans in their homes to those made in a salon.
I am certified in pet first aid and CPR through PetTech, AKC Salon S.A.F.E. certified. I am also certified in Hair and Skin through Dr. Cliff Faver, DVM, along with Geriatric Grooming and Difficult Dog. I continue to add to my knowledge by reading books, exchanging ideas and techniques with other groomers across the country, attending expos catered to groomers that offer the newest in technology, equipment, and supplies, and attending workshops and seminars. I cater to a wide variety of elderly, handicapped, and unbalanced pets, as well as the norm.  

What I Do

As a house call groomer, I bring the salon into your home. Typically, I set up my grooming area in an approximately 6’ x 6’ space easy to clean up, such as an indoor tiled area (kitchen, large bathroom, laundry room), a garage, or a back porch, with access to an electrical outlet. I do ask my clients to provide a trash bag for the hair, a towel for the pet, and a tub or sink appropriate to the pet’s size. Larger dogs may be accommodated with the hose outdoors in the summer, but I don’t like to subject them to that in the colder months. (I don’t like taking a cold shower, so I won’t make them do it!) I provide a high-quality shampoo appropriate to the pet’s needs (some upgrade options are available upon request), and a leave-in conditioner to replenish the skin and coat following the bath. All of my equipment is disinfected in between clients, and I keep my blades, shears, and clippers maintained on a regular basis with a local service.  

I work within each pet’s capabilities and psychology. If a pet needs to lay down during the groom, I work around their position as much as possible. If a pet is anxious, I attempt to earn their trust over time, and in the process, hopefully rehabilitate them to accept grooming without fear. My goal with each pet is for them to live in as much comfort as possible. Grooming can provide insight into physical changes over time as well, with particular attention paid to lumps, bumps, skin irritations, joint issues, and dental needs. Pet parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay during the process and chat/ask questions, as I enjoy the company, and the pet relaxes into the groom if the parents are relaxed as well.

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